24. Aug 2022
New range of safes GOsafe 2.0 Six models in different variants offer the right solution for every requirement.

We have refreshed and expanded our range of safes: In addition to the successor models of our colorful GOsafe 100 and GOsafe 200 model series, we have expanded the product range to include key safes, hotel safes as well as fire safes. The safes are available in various designs so that we can offer a suitable solution for every requirement.

GOsafe 110/GO Europe The new GOsafe 110 with numerical code is available in black and white

As of now you have the choice between the following models and variants:

  • GOsafe 2.0 110: The small safe for your valuables is available with a volume of 16 liters in black and white as a number code safe
  • GOsafe 2.0 120FP: The flat design safe in six different colors with a volume of 16 liters offers you four opening options
  • GOsafe 2.0 210: Space miracle in six different colors with a volume of 28 liters as a number code safe
  • GOsafe 2.0 210FP: Identical to the GOsafe 2.0 210 with four opening options (fingerprint, number code, combination of both as well as via security key)
  • GOsafe 2.0 50: Key safe in four different sizes with 27 to 700 key slots
  • GOsafe 2.0 H: hotel safe in three variants with a volume of 16 to 26 liters
  • GOsafe 2.0 5000: Fire safe in seven different sizes with a volume of 12 to 147 liters. Each available as a numeric code-only variant or fingerprint/numeric code variant

You can find detailed product information at Olympia-Vertrieb.

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