14. Jul 2021
HP website available in more languages For a global and customer-friendly image

By offering different language versions of our HP website,, we intend to meet the many requests of our dealers and distributors and strive to be even more global and customer friendly.

Screenshot of website HP English/GO Europe In addition to German and English, the site is now also available in other languages:

The website is currently available in German, English, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and now French. Whether other languages will follow is currently unclear and depends on our customer requests.

The website has been programmed so that it is automatically displayed in the saved browser language. This means that it is displayed in French if the browser language is also set to French. Alternatively, the language version can be changed manually in the footer of the page (at the bottom of the page) via "Selected language".

Most of the data sheets in the download area are currently in English, but we are working on making them available in the respective languages as well.

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