20. Sep 2021
Eco Certificate Der Grüner Punkt We have successfully participated in the dual system for the recycling of sales packaging

By participating in the Dual System for the recycling of sales packaging, we have received the environmental certificate from Der Grüne Punkt for the year 2020.

Seal Der Grüne Punkt/GO Europe We are pleased about the current Environmental Certificate 2020

Climate protection and sustainable management are more topical than ever and also an important concern for us. Therefore, we strive to save energy, resources and emissions and have successfully participated in the Dual System. The eco certificate from Grüner Punkt confirms our sustainability and we were able to save 93 tonnes of CO2 in 2020. This corresponds to the amount of CO2 that 9 hectares of forest - about the size of 13 football fields - filter out of the air in one year.

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