18. Jan 2023
The top product for your home office: HP OneShred 12CC Recommended again by OFFICE-ROXX magazine

For the year 2023, OFFICE-ROXX magazine has once again collected a large number of product tips and made recommendations on the HOMEOFFICE-TOPS website. For the second time in a row, the HP OneShred 12CC has come off as the top product for the home office.

HP OneShred 12CC Shredder Office Environment/GO Europe We are pleased about the renewed recommendation of the HP OneShred 12CC

The demand for good equipment for the home office has increased over the past year, not least due to the increase in working from home. We are therefore all the more pleased that the HP OneShred 12CC has been recognised as a top product for the home office in 2023. For more information about the reliable shredder, visit our website at

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